Eskom plans to export electricity


17 April 2017

Eskom and Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) have signed a three-year firm power supply agreement. Eskom aims to increase its electricity exports to South Africa’s neighbouring states. Eskom currently has excess capacity of about 4000 MW, excluding an operating margin.

“The conclusion of this agreement serves to demonstrate our commitment to the SADC region to provide energy security and certainty with regard to long-term supply of energy,” said Matshela Koko Interim Group Chief Executive, Eskom. “This reaffirms Eskom’s position that we are ‘open for business’ and stand ready to undertake further long-term supply agreements, for up to 10 years, with our various trading partners.”

This is the second firm power sales agreement that Eskom has signed in just over a week, having recently concluded a five-year power sales agreement with the Namibian national power utility NamPower.

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