Mister Snail

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17 March 2017

Mister Snail is an engaging children’s story for the ages three to six years accompanied by beautiful illustrations. It is also story with a lesson. It is a simple tale for young readers which demonstrate how friendships can be ruined through the misunderstanding of differences, yet it reveals how a change of perspective and acceptance of others can heal relationships. This is Christy Peacock’s first published book and one which is sure to prove very popular with children.

Mister Snail is a kindly soul who finds a wonderful new home in a pretty garden. He quickly establishes friendships with all of his new neighbours which include a pair of field mice, a pretty butterfly and a finch.

After a while, however, things start to go wrong and Mister Snail’s neighbours complain about the mess he leaves behind with his slimy trails. Poor Mister Snail is devastated when they make it clear that they would like him to leave his garden home if he doesn’t change his ways. He is also very sad because they refuse to accept him the way he is. But before he leaves, he asks them for one more chance to change their minds. And that’s when something magical happens.

The author studied fine art and graphic design, and currently works as a graphic designer while studying psychology and anthropology. Peacock is presently based in Pietermaritzburg but has also lived in Latvia and Sweden.

Nicci Nathanson, who is responsible for the imaginative illustrations in the book, is a Johannesburg-based digital illustrator with a degree in information design. She has illustrated children’s books and projects for many of South Africa’s major publishing houses.

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Image:Christy Peacock

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