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Valerie Kemp
12 February 2016

This year promises to be the best year yet, for Woodlands School. The school welcomed over 90 learners at the start of 2016. The school also welcomed two new staff members; Michelle Harrison (grade 000 and grade 00) and Zane van Niekerk (grade seven). A toddler class has also been opened.

“Woodlands offers affordable, quality education,” said Nicole Brummer, Chairperson Governing Board. “Together with the help of our amazing parents, personnel and learners, 2016 will make history. We’re always looking for ways in which we can improve to ensure a solid foundation is left behind for present and future staff and learners. A proper education is, after all, the best gift that a parent can give their children.”

Woodlands offers friendly learning spaces where children can enjoy the benefits of individual attention from the teachers. The Woodlands parents have also always been a select group of people who are committed to the growth and prosperity of the school. Two such parents, Lisa Sheard and Gerrit Marais, believed that the school could increase learner numbers by almost two-thirds. It was with this belief that the “100 Smart Kids” idea was born. Almost seven years later it has finally become a reality. Learner numbers have increased to just fewer than 150 learners, 60 of whom attend the highly successful after-care program.

“The challenge has always been to keep the ideal ratio of 16 learners to 1 teacher,” said Marita Spangenberg, Headmistress. “We take pride in the fact that we offer small classroom sizes and a comfortable environment for every child to develop at his or her own pace.”

The school uniform has also been upgraded to a more affordable set. Ballet and tennis will also be added to the list of after-hour activities on offer.

Photo:Woodlands School teachers and learners closing in on the 100 Smart Kids dream.

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