Selekane returns to Sabie

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Kopano Dibakwane
31 December 2015

Solly Selekane is back to his initial placement as the Sabie Unit Manager following a sudden transfer to Graskop nine months ago. Selekane announced his return to Sabie during an interview with GPS News on November 26.

Selekane said that the Sabie Unit is planning to introduce new developments to improve service delivery in the area. “There’s a lot to be done in Sabie,” said Selekane. “We are going to start in Harmony Hill where we’ll install a new sewerage system at the RDP houses. We’ve received financial donations from York and Sasol to help us with the project. The installation will start at any time. This project was in our Integrated Development Programme (IDP).

Selekane has also initiated a platform on WhatsApp called the Sabie Service Delivery Group. “The WhatsApp group is a tool we are using to ensure transparent service delivery in this town and to share ideas with residents. It makes it easy for the community to lay complaints and equally for us to resolve those complaints in a transparent manner. We interact with all residents, including the municipality officials, ward councilors, the business forum and political leaders. Residents are able to get help with electricity administration or any service delivery-related issue that affects them.”

Selekane added that the big trees inside the Harmony Hill Cemetary will be chopped, as will the trees at Malieveld Street, in town. He further appealed to the residents to refrain from creating illegal dumping spots in the town.

“We have a landfill site where refuse can be disposed off and it’s free. However, we continue to see heaps of rubbish which is generated by us as residents. It is our responsibility as residents to keep our town clean. The municipality collects refuse on specific days, but it seems as if we are doing nothing because of the illegal dumping sites.”

Selekane also pleaded with the residents to keep the outside perimeters of their homes clean. He said that high rainfall poses a challenge for the municipality to attend to grass that grows along residential pavements.

Photo: Solly Selekhane returns to Sabie as Unit Manager.

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