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Sabie welcome new business owners

Debbie (52) and Francois (56) Kruger visited Sabie and fell in love with the town.  Debbie was raised in Sabie and attended primary and secondary school here.

After going on a pension from the Correctional Services as an SEO (Senior Correctional Officer, previously the rank of Colonel), they decided to invest in their future and were seeking property and opportunities in Nelspruit, White River and surrounding areas.

However, when Francois saw Sabie, he immediately said this is where he wants to spend his life with his wife.

They bought properties in Sabie and started to seek for a business to buy.

The couple is still young and energetic enough and did not want to be on pension.  “We cannot sit at home and do nothing.  We will then grow older quickly,” said Debbie laughingly.  Francois being a friendly, well-spoken man and wife Debbie having a beautiful open heart for the community, were welcomed by Sabie’s residents with enthusiasm and excitement.

They bought the Super Stop Car Wash at Caltex in Main Road and did a complete revamp.  They installed a Jo-Jo tank, so that they can still operate even if there is no water in town, bought new WAP machines and trained their staff to give the best customer service in town, at the best prices.

“We are already operational and will be having our grand opening on 16th January 2021 with live entertainment and free hotdogs.  The first 10 customers of the day will receive a free inside and outside wash, compliments of Super Car Wash.  We will also start a loyalty system where for every 10 washes, you will get the 11th for free,” said Francois.

Having forgotten their wedding anniversary, and after being reminded by his son, Francois enquired where he can find flowers to buy.  After discussions with the owner, they decided to buy the flower shop as well.  Debbie aptly named the shop Ditjies en Datjies. With many years behind her as an events co-ordinator specializing in weddings, doing the catering, flowers, and décor herself, she is looking forward to expanding the flower shop.  Early in 2021 Ditjies en Datjies will be bringing in material, haberdashery, wool, as well as scrapbooking and various other hobby stock.  Having the experience and love for flowers, she trusts that she will be able to satisfy and woo the most difficult customer with her skills as a florist combined with the beauty of the flowers.

Having done many children’s parties in the past, Debbie identified a need for such a service in the Sabie and surrounding areas.  The couple bought 5 jumping castles to rent out.  This comprises of 2 by standard 3.5 x 3.5, a 12-meter long double slip and slide, a Tropical gladiator and the PlayStation.  Debbie will in 2021 also offer the full deal of making up die snack parcels, supply the tables and chairs for the children’s parties.   They will stock helium balloons a candy floss and popcorn machine to supplement the parties for more fun.

The couple has been married for seven years, and it was a blind date romance.  They met each other on 28 December, got engaged in April and married in November.  Upon asking Francois what Debbie’s attributes were that attracted him to her, he immediately said:  “Her honesty, integrity and zest for life.  She has a sparkle in her eyes and a genuine love for people.  When asked the same question, Debbie said: “I always wanted a tall boyfriend, we clicked immediately and he has the full package.

An excellent sense of humour, he is well-spoken and caring.”

The couple has two babies that they care for, but not the humankind.  They are Capuchin monkeys, respectively 6 weeks old and 8 weeks.

Debbie just loved them, and they are such unique pets with fingerprints like humans.

“We want to thank the community for opening up their hearts to us, and we will as business owners do our utmost to supply in the need with honesty and fair prices,” the couple concluded.

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