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Sabie magistrate retires after 28 years


Herman Serfontein, the Magistrate of Sabie for the last 28 years, retired recently.  He started his studies off by obtaining his B Iuris (Baccalaureus Iuris) degree in 1983 and 1986 his LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree.

He relocated to Sabie in 1992 with his wife Annelize.

After completing his studies, he started his career as a clerk in 1980, was then promoted to the prosecutor at the beginning of 1983 and end of 1983 to Magistrate.  One of the saddest cases he had to preside over when his career just started was to send a husband to rehabilitation and seeing the wife and kids bursting out in tears.

It was very unsettling and is still remembered.

“Firstly I want to thank God for giving me the knowledge, insight and above all the patience to be able to do my job.  My personnel has given their support and I really value them.  The community of Sabie has been very good to us and most importantly, to my wife Annelize for her support and motivation through the years,” Serfontein said.

Being healthy is very important, and the couple can be seen jogging early morning in Sabie before the day starts.  There are no set plans yet what Serfontein will be doing on pension, but for now, just want to take it day by day.

“One of the funniest thing that happened in my courtroom was a lawyer came in to speak to the prosecutor while another lawyer was speaking to me.  The lawyer that came in took the chair behind the one addressing me without his knowledge.

When he was finished he sat down, but there was no chair, and he fell and hit his head against the wooden stand behind him.  Laughter erupted and I had to adjourn the court to regain our composure,” Serfontein concluded.

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