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Christmas Market #3 @ Dullstroom Village Market

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“Following the success of the first two Dullstroom Village Markets, we are proud to announce that the third Dullstroom Village Market, the “Christmas Market”, will be held on Saturday 19 December 2020”, said Munro Deysel, organiser of the market.

“This will be our biggest market yet. 50 vendors have booked stands – some double stands! The market is split 50%/50% between vendors from the previous two markets and the “Newbies”, said Deysel.

“We hope to double the contribution the first two markets made to Epilepsy South Africa (Dullstroom), our nominated beneficiary!” he said.

KRAGBRON 93.1fm (500 000 listeners) will do an outside broadcast. “Apart from playing great music, all vendors will be interviewed live on-air and can tell the listeners about their stands/businesses”, Deysel added.

“Maubra will be exhibiting various brands of 4X4 utility vehicles, and African Apparel will be displaying their high quality, branded Africa themed apparel,” he said.

But 47 other vendors are presenting unique, high quality and home-made arts, crafts, goods, food and fresh produce. “We are building a “high quality” market reputation. We are not interested in being a “same-old, same-old” market”, Deysel emphasised.

Being held on the last Saturday before Christmas, the theme will be “Christmas Market”. Vendors are encouraged to make up their stands and wear clothes to compliment the season. “The best-dressed lady and man will each win a meal and a beer, and the best-decorated stand will for its owner a free 3mX3m stand at the next market!” Deysel pointed out.

Additional Information on Dullstroom Village Market

As with the first two markets, the market aims to:

  • Benefit Dullstroom through attracting vendors and tourists.
  • Generate much-needed income for local businesses.
  • Help stimulate economic growth and job creation in Dullstroom.
  • Promote local artists, craftsmen and young entrepreneurs.
  • To promote local traditional culture through traditional dances, choral choirs, etc.
  • To benefit local charities with SANEL being our nominated beneficiary.

Commercial vendors are invited to register by sending an email to

The market has grown to 6 categories and vendors are asked to select a category, describing the kind of merchandise they want to sell. The categories are:

  1. Arts and Crafts: high quality hand-made and home-made goods
  2. Antiques: genuine, high-quality antiques including early edition books (great interest in the Second Anglo-Boer War)
  3. Farmers Market: high quality, fresh produce, flowers, free-range eggs, game and beef meat and biltong from the local farmers;
  4. Flea Market: bric-a-brac but no electronics, no second-hand clothes and nothing sold out of plastic crates standing on the ground;
  5. Food Court: Home-made or made-on-site food only,
  6. Special exhibits

The cost per stand is R300.00 for a 3m x 3m stand and R500 for a 3m X 8m stand. Organisers are willing to discuss charging a percentage of turnover instead of a flat fee. Please correspond with us via our email.

Special accommodation arrangements have been made for vendors who wish to stay over. Rooms (limited number) start at R250 per night per person sharing. Registered vendors should book as soon as possible!

The nominated charity is Epilepsy South Africa (Dullstroom) who are in great need of all things necessary to care for 80 patients who are in residence and receive 24/7 care.

Contact Munro Deysel, Dullstroom Village Market on 082 075 4060 or


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