From the Editor...

From the Editor

What a blessing to be able to visit my family members in Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay! There is a beautiful open blue sky this morning with hardly any wind. Yesterday I had to hold on for dear life onto my top, otherwise, it would have blown over my head exposing parts not meant to be seen in public. Seeing the sea always make me quite inside and just to experience its vastness, reminds me of God’s love, no matter what, it never stops.

It just rolls in wave after wave, never stopping.

What I have experienced especially with the shop assistants was kindness. They mostly speak Afrikaans and everyone calls you “tannie”, nothing is too much trouble.

This got me thinking, what is kindness really?  “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 ESV.  

When we are treated badly by someone, our natural reaction would be to retaliate.

Or to moan later to a friend or family member about their attitude. However, we have not walked in their shoes. We do not know what that person went through and why they are reacting like that. We are so quick to moan about others and their attitude, but are we not doing the same? Do we display kindness to others even if it is not deserving?

With this race called life, everything must be faster, harder, better, but what happened to our kindness towards others? We are so busy when last did you just sit with an acquaintance, just idly speaking and spending time with them? Or visited a friend, neighbour or elder and spend quality time with them? A quick WhatsApp in the morning or evening with a picture to soothe the conscience is not what is needed. There is nothing wrong with a quick, nice picture, but we as humans need touch and personal interaction. We need to ask “how are you?”

Kindness is selfless, compassionate, and merciful; its greatest power revealed in practice to everyone, not only those that we like and love. We must love our enemies, and love our neighbour; we must show kindness to EVERYONE.

Kindness is an attribute of God and a quality desirable but not consistently found in humans.

The main problem in understanding kindness is the fact we give kindness to those who we think deserves it. Being one of the Fruits of the Spirit, we cannot show it to only those that we love or deserves it. It is a gift that we get from God, who are we to decide who deserve it or not.

Synonyms for kindness is humanity, generosity, charity, sympathy, compassion, and tenderness. We were not created for ourselves, but to be representatives of God.

Do we display His love and kindness, forgiveness and love towards others? Thinking of the biggest act of kindness EVER that He gave us…His Son’s live.

Yet, still, we deny Him, still, we live by our own rules.

If you have to walk into God’s throne room today, will you be able to stand justly in front of Him, having lived out all the attributes of the Fruits of the Spirit?

If we can just sit still for a while and reflect on our last few days, have we showed a kindness that is fitting for a child of God? If you cannot resoundingly say YES! then we have to go back to basics.

Kindness in your circle of friends and family is easy, however what about the rude people, the people that is hard to be kind to, do we pick up that spirit of aggressiveness? Let us ask the Holy Spirit to show us who He wants us to serve with words of kindness and love. Let us reach out to the lonely, hurting and unhappy people by giving kindness and love to others. Let us make time for each other. It will fill up our hearts till it overflows, making us forget our own hurts and problems.

How can we expect kindness and love from others if we do not give it out?


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