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When facing death, He is there!

Rudie (59) and Adrè (51) Stoltz of Sabie faced something they would not wish on their worst enemy.

On the night of August 13TH, while celebrating their daughter Bianca’s 28th birthday, their Jack Russell, Jonty, kept on barking in the front yard.  Rudie brought him in after ensuring that all the security doors were locked again.

The dog jumped against the closed hallway door and growled, and Rudie though he wanted his usual “sweetie” and opened it.  He was shocked to see 3 perpetrators without masks, and as he tried to close the door, they overpowered him.

Rudie said: “Contrary to what people said on social media, every single door and the security doors were locked. I was not attacked when I went outside to see why the dog was barking but in my hallway inside the house.  They broke through the security and solid wooden back door.  I grabbed one and tried to pull him down and the other 2 jumped through to the inside on the house.  The one started kicking and hitting me with a bent crowbar over the head.  He kicked me in the ribs and hit on my right knee (had a prosthesis done years ago), and the rest of the knee shattered.  They hit me over the head and I lost my consciousness for a while.

When I came to, he screamed “keep quiet”, and hit me over the head again.  As the assault went on, I lost a lot of blood and every time I tried to get up to help my family, he hit me over the head again.  He over and over demanded, “Where is the money”, and the more I said there is no money, the more aggressive he became.  I then passed out and later tried to get up with Adrè’s help after they left.”

Adrè said: “I heard my husband scream, and when I entered the hallway, I thought he was dead.

There was so much blood.  They hit me with the crowbar on my head and I tried to get up to protect our daughter Bianca who is mentally disabled.  During the vicious attack, I pleaded with them not to hurt her because of her condition.  A Godly calm came over me, and again they demanded: “where is the money?”

They found the safe and opened it.  After showing them my and Rudie’s purse with no cash in, they took the contents of the safe, Rudie’s firearm.  I gave the one my credit card as well as the pin code to try and pacify him and said there is money in, he can go and check. He threatened me that he will come back and kill me if I lied.   I spoke to them in a calm, collective manner and knew I had to keep them calm so that they do not hurt me or Bianca further. I honestly thought with all the blood that Rudie was dead.  The amazing blessing is that Bianca sat in the same spot and was calm.  I believe that God made her invisible to them.

They gave the articles to someone keeping watch outside, took all the cell phones, a tablet and 2 laptops as well as the music centre and jewellery that held sentimental value. They pulled out the Telkom line, but we managed to get it working.  However, due to shock, we could not remember any numbers.  Rudie’s sister called to congratulate Bianca at that moment, and we mentioned that we were attacked and she thought it was a prank.

The only number we could remember at that stage was my mother staying with Heidi. That set the wheels in action.”

The injuries that Rudi sustained were: A cracked skull, and five deep holes on his head, injured ribs and a shattered knee, as well as a dangerous loss of blood.  Adrè’s injuries included shattered bones in her hand, as well as a cut on the forehead when she was hit over the head with the crowbar and head injuries.

Adrè concluded: “What this ordeal taught me is that God is with us and that there is still good in life. We will as soon as Rudie is capable, (he is still in a wheelchair due to the injuries) go for trauma counselling. We were amazed by the number of people that prayed for us, that assisted with practical arrangements like where Bianca will stay.  There were family members that went and cleaned the house.

They mentioned that when they opened the door, it smelled like a butchery with all the blood throughout the house.  They scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized the house for two solid days.  The neighbour and family members upgraded the security around the house. We do not want to mention names, in fear of innocently leaving someone out.  You know what you have done and what role you have played in this ordeal, and for that, we thank you.  Above all, thank you, God, for saving our lives.  Forgiveness is a given, albeit hard, we need to move forward and live our lives.”

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