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Booze Abuse

Kopano Brilliant

One of the greatest lessons we’ve all learned during the various stages of our nation-wide lockdown is the adverse impact of alcohol abuse on society.

The initial ban on alcohol has yielded good results in minimising the normalisation of unpleasant activities (crime, road carnage, gender-based violence, etc) which are commonly fueled by the dependence and careless use of liquor.

The ban on alcohol has offered the citizens a chance to confront themselves, to uncover their true identities.

Being sober has allowed us to question certain personal decisions in our daily lives, identify our strengths and weaknesses, also to rectify our mistakes in the quest to become a nation of responsible citizens.

Therefore, let us remember that we are born with an inherent dominion over all things, but we must first exercise dominion over some of our habits before we can begin to control anything else in the world.

The war against Covid19 will be gradually won through a collective sacrifice and thorough use of common sense. We cannot afford to lose more people to alcohol-related incidents than the pandemic itself.

Drinking alcohol is not a crime, but please do it responsibly and preserve your dignity.





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