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Questions sent to Cllr Jonathan Kok, The Honourable Speaker of Council, the Municipal Manager – Mrs Simphiwe Matsi and The Honourable Executive Mayor- Cllr Friddah Nkadimeng, TCLM, by Cllr Comfort Sibiya, DA Political Head and Constituency Chairperson in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality:

Questions in terms of section 10 of the standing rules of order of Thaba Chweu Local Municipality


  1. Why is council reluctant to invoke Annexure 1 Circular 99 of the MFMA which was circulated during the period of Covid 19 so that Council may consider the plight of the people and possibly a reduction in rates?
  2. Have the municipality received approval yet from NERSA regarding the cost of supply study that was submitted?
  3. How many staff members and officials have been found to have tampered with their meters and consequence management and disciplinary procedures were taken by the municipality.
  4. What measures have the municipality has taken to deal with ghost vendors and to investigate the 6000 meters.
  5. What are the steps have council taken to deal with the R26 million non-technical losses? This amount is inclusive of losses due to thousands of pre-paid meters that do not appear in the municipality’s Revenue Management System?
  6. What steps have council taken to deal with Revenue management systems and inter-departmental systems where no records of meters are available and where meters audited in the field either do not appear or have differing serial numbers to those on the billing system?
  7. What steps has the municipality taken to implement demand management through its existing ripple control system, the utilization of the existing hydropower plant project?
  8. What steps has the municipality taken to deal with the NERSA imposed inclined block tariffs (IBT) which is not suited to TCLM residential mix?
  9. Which document, speech by the executive mayor or council resolution that specifically speaks to the R184, 50 AMP charge?

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