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“I designed an amazing mobile App”

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Dingaan Letjane, a Sabie resident, designed an application, SharCourse, to help upcoming students with the specific requirements for certain courses. The app is available on Play Store. Read Dingaan’s success story below in his own words.

“My name is Dingaan Letjane from Sabie. I went to Lindani and Memezile for my basic education and now I’m a third-year student at TUT doing software development, aged 23.

I’m more passionate about solving problems, that’s why I chose to further my studies in IT and specialize in Software Development.

Back in 2018, I was doing my first year, and I joined the “NSFAS Updates” Facebook page. Around April I saw a lot of learners seeking for help in applying for spaces in different varsities. I then commented on this other post in that group “That I’m willing to help you” and I got like +23 replies on my comment asking me to help them. I then took their WhatsApp numbers and assisted them to apply.

The process wasn’t easy as one learner said: “I have got 20 APS with 3 in maths, which course do I qualify for?” so I had to page through TUT prospectus and look at other Varsities prospectus to help that one learner. By the time I got the course the learner qualifies for, I have wasted about 12 minutes already and I must start applying for that learner.

So in 2019, I thought about this idea, why shouldn’t I try to develop an app that will bring all the institutions courses together in one app and access the courses by searching for them. Remember, by then I was a second year, and I didn’t know anything about mobile app development and at the campus (TUT) they are teaching us software development.

So, I had an amazing idea. I then went to and I bought a course there for R197 and I took the course for 4 months. I tried to develop the app and I failed but I kept on repeating the course and looked for other resources on YouTube to build the App, while I’m doing my second-year course at TUT. Then after I was ready to re-develop it again, by November in 2019, I was nearly done with it but I had to put a pause to it and focus on my exams.

I then resumed the project in January 2020 and completed it in February; it took me 5 months to finish it and publish it to play store. I hope sharing my story and the app will help Sabie residents if future,” Dingaan concluded.

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