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Austee: Stars in his eyes

Michele du Plessis

Tinyiko Mathebula, aka Austee, is a Sabie youth with stars in his eyes and dreams in his heart. Austee stays in Simile and goes to school at Memezile.

But, why the name ‘Austee’? “A lot of people like to call me by my second name Austin. I figured I’ll just take Aust from Austin and take Tee from (T) inyiko and add the “ee” to make it sound audible.”

“I do Hip Hop Music and I also dance Hip Hop Moves for My Tunes. I’ve been doing music for 3 years now and I take it seriously because I keep inspiring 1260 kids. I want to inspire other kids from Graskop/Hazyview and Pilgrim’s Rest and my peers who are doing music. I want to be heard more, grow my fan base,” Austee said.

“Some know me but they don’t know who’s this guy rapping or singing like this; I want them to know me; who I am and what I am doing because music is persuasion.

If I keep inspiring or relating to something, they can talk about it. I sing it out or rap it in my songs for them to see those bad things is not happening to them only. The message is from me to a produced mp3 to their ears,” Austee said.

“I compose and write my music. I just left the record label now and I am an independent musician. My music career started when a childhood friend took me to a studio to go record, Hazyview Side and I were just chilling while people were recording there. So, as they were recording they saw that there’s a space and everyone’s already occupied their space on the beat. So by then, they said this bro here gotta jump on it. I then I took a chance and I nailed it!

From then I got features on features. Last year around February I told myself that if I can do it on features, I can do it on my own. I went to the studio, Restless Records, with my song “Hit a Fire” (Single) and I got signed the next day when I went to check how the production was going off my Single.”

What is your message to the youth? “If you want something you go get it, it is yours and don’t give up. Don’t believe the negative things what people say, believe in yourself and remember your faith. If you don’t have faith you will lose it all. The major blessing is life and your brain, use it earnestly. Be with people who bring the light, the positive energy through-out what you do with passion. Cut ties with those who are fake because, in reality, we need them to just motivate us with negatives. Don’t give up before you started yet. The Lord is listening every day, have faith and push through your pain, no matter what happens.”

What did your parents teach you in life? “They taught me that there’s nothing impossible in life. Also, Respect, Honesty and Love.”

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? “I wanna see myself riding my own waves, owning my music so that I can drop music videos anytime. I want my career to lie on nobody else’s hands. It matters to me.  The youth matters to me and I want to keep inspiring them with my music,” Austee concluded.

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