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A little sweet hope that went a long way

Valerie Kemp

SPAR Graskop has always had a heart for the right cause to assist. Gail du Randt, manager of SPAR Graskop was contacted by Angela Deh, Clinical Psychologist at Matibidi hospital (52 Km NW of Graskop) on behalf of Matibidi Hospital’s Covid-19 Response Team.

The Matibidi Hospital Response Team wanted to encourage the staff, and together with SPAR, they decided to surprise the staff with beautiful and delicious cupcakes. 224 Cupcakes were baked and donated by SPAR Graskop in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. “It’s only a small gesture of gratitude. You guys (Matibidi staff) are great! God bless you all for your dedication and commitment,” said Gail du Randt.

The hospital response team shared the cupcakes amongst essential and medical staff to inaugurate their COVID-19 campaign “Stronger Together”. The Response Team aims to encourage and support their staff to manage the added stressful demands brought on by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  Angela noted that “Employee wellness and wellbeing is a cornerstone of professional healthcare. Unaddressed, stress and anxiety can lead people to engage in maladaptive coping strategies (i.e. social withdrawal, emotional numbing).”

Angela Deh and Muzi Madolo reported they were greeted with great enthusiasm, laughter and gratitude as they shared the sweet treats.

“Working under such stressful conditions is a challenge. Hospital staff were overjoyed and they appreciated their treats donated by SPAR Graskop. It is our duty to keep the staff’s spirit high and this small gesture was very uplifting. The hospital and wider community appreciate the indispensable role our staff plays against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our community is Stronger Together and for that, we salute our Matibidi Healthcare Heroes for walking the extra mile!” Angela concluded.


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