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Letter from Antoinette Travis – United Kingdom – Isle of Man

Three years ago, for health reasons I had to return to the UK. That was fine but what to do with one’s pets? The dogs were easy but my beloved Tokoloshe (cat), nobody wanted. I was in a state of panic and searched for a no-kill shelter.

I was finally told about Natureza Cat Sanctuary in Sabie. Susan, the owner was at that stage full with kitties and reluctantly said yes she would help. I had already started trying to find ways to raise the necessary funds to bring my cat with me or for her to join me later with no success.

At the last minute, I took Toks to Susan and handed her over, broken, because everything was out of my hands and I had to part with my baby, whom I had hand-reared. As I left that day I made a promise to Toks that I would do everything in my power to be with her again!

I kept in touch with Susan and let her know what I was trying to achieve and Susan kept me up to date with photos and news. Each time I would have a little cry, missing my baby. Finally, the chance came where I could afford to bring her over, and all the plans were put in place.

Susan took her to the vet for her injections and tests and at the final hurdle everything crashed, the microchip failed!  When I got this news I was devastated. It was back to square one. The vets negotiated with the microchip company and it was agreed that the company would cover the new microchip and accommodation with the vet, I would pay the food bill.

This worked well as the vets were able to speed up the process and get Toks on her way. During this time Susan did still get to see Toks when she took other kitties in for treatment. Finally just before the day arrived Covid 19 struck, closing down all movement of people and animals.

What else could happen to stop me getting my baby? Then last Friday (19th June) I got the call: “Can Toks fly on Tuesday? Everything went into overdrive, and finally, she is here on the Isle of Man.

Thank you to Susan and the staff at Natureza Cat Rescue and Platorand veterinarian in Sabie for their dedication to all animals, especially CATS!!





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