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Hazyview residents helping each other

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It is heartening to see people caring for each other during this very difficult period. If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual. I can love only one person at a time. I can feed only one person at a time. Just one, one, one.” Mother Teresa said.

But, to enable people to help others, they also need a “helping hand”. In Hazyview, a crew of six people are supporting “those people who have been overlooked by the government and have no income due to Covid-19.”

“There are 6 of us in our crew. Ken Robinson, Bridget Robinson, Debbie Oliver, Peter Siviter, Merle Siviter and me (Kirsti Siviter). We currently have 25 families (50 people) that we supply with food parcels. We need any donations no matter how small or big. They can contact me for more details on 0724335295,” Kirsti said.



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