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Sabie landfill site

Michele du Plessis

It is common to see a cloud of smoke hanging over Sabie and Simile from the burning landfill site. Complaints regarding the stench and the accompanying health risks are many but seems to fall on deaf ears.

“For the current one burning, with all due respect this is an ongoing problem for many years and at this stage most avenues has been followed but to no avail,” a member of the GPS News WhatsApp group said. People staying close to the dump site complain that it is causing health problems such as asthma and related problems to intensify. What is being done about this landfill site?

In the previous edition of GPS News, a notice informing the public about the proposed establishment of a new landfill site on the Remaining Extent of Portion 15 of the farm Waterval 168 JT for Sabie area within Ehlanzeni District Municipality in Mpumalanga Province. In the IDP 2017 – 2022 it is stated that the Sabie ladfill site has reached capacity and was licenced for closure. A new landfill site had to be developed in Sabie by June 2022.

“The answer is a new dump site that is properly managed. I have been involved in previous attempts to find a new site, which is a huge problem within current environmental and social considerations. But the bigger problem is proper management, a new site will just move the current problems. Way back in 1998 Graskop received a state of the art dump site with the technology to manage it for a life span of of 30 years, and within 5 years it was a state of the art disaster,” another reader commented.

The tender to manage the Sabie landfill site was awarded to Oxior Civil Construction/Enterprises on 05/04/2019 for a period of 36 months, thus until 2022. The tender amount was R 5 954 000,00. GPS News spoke to Mr SM Mafuma, CEO of Oxior Civil Enterprises and was referred to the landfill manager, Larry Mavuso. According to Mr Mavuso the have been busy at the landfill site to extinguish the burning areas. Apparently, the people who do recycling at the site starts the fires to enable them to find scrap metal easier.

No gate at the entrance also makes the task of managing the site more difficult.

We have all seen the photos posted on the various WhatsApp groups of people  illegally dumping their rubbish close to the landfill site and surrounding areas and know that it is a problem. “The problem of the dumping site not operating as we would expect, should not solely fall on the municipality as an example, the fires that are started are not started by the municipality. But by our very own Sabie patrons that dump whatever they feel should be dumped at the dumping site.  So let’s try to educate our community as to what may and what may not be dumped there and hopefully that will subside some of the fires for a while,” a member said.

According to the TCLM Cleaning Serivces/Solid Waste Management By Laws published in the Provincial  Gazette 126 No. 3031,  5 APRIL 2019:

Recycling at the landfill sites and transfer stations

  1. (1) No person who does, or intends to do recycling at any municipal solid waste landfill site or transfer station, shall do recycling without a permit issued by the Council and/or a signed contract between the re-claimer and the Council.

Chapter 9: No person shall (d) reside in or around the outside fenced boundaries of the solid waste disposal site or transfer station; and in the case where no fencing exists, in close proximity of the solid waste disposal site or transfer station;

(e) light a fire on a solid waste disposal site or transfer station without prior written consent of the person in charge of the  municipality.

Illegal Dumping

  1. (1) No person shall, subject to any provisions to the contrary in these By-laws contained, leave any item or allow any under his control to be left at a place, other than a solid waste landfill site or transfer station, with the intention of abandoning it.

For more information on the TCLM By Laws visit The Provincial Gazette is available on the web for further information.





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