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R 533 Cash in transit – Fidelity Guards seriously injured

Michele du Plessis

At approximately 12:10 on June 1st, cash in transit heist on the R533 road between Graskop and Bushbuckridge left three Fidelity guards were seriously injured.

The Fidelity Security vehicle transported cash on the R 533 road towards Graskop direction when a BMW sedan deliberately collided into the Fidelity vehicle causing the Fidelity vehicle to roll and the suspect BMW caught fire after the collision.

The suspects activated explosive and blasted the Fidelity vehicle and an unknown amount of cash was taken by the suspects. The suspects took two pistols and one rifle from the security guards and fled the scene in a Mercedez sedan.

The three Fedility guards were seriously injured due to the rolled vehicle and they were transported to the Bushbuchridge hospital.

Members from the Criminal Record Task Team and Lydenburg Criminal Record Centre processed the scene – video recording, photographs, DNA swabs, ballistics and fingerprints. Members from the Nelspruit Bomb Disposal also collected samples from the explosive residue.

The case is being investigated.

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