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Some fishing good news

Michele d Plessis

“Good News! We may fly fish!”  Werner Wessels, Chairman of STC jubilantly announced on the Sabie Trout Club group. But, as with all things wonderful, there is a catch… (No pun intended.)

“As from Monday:

If you wish to fish the club water you will have to notify me that you are going to the club water. You will have to decide before the time in which area you intend to fish. You may not fish any other area on the club water. You will also have to notify me when you exit the club water stretch.

You have to wear a mask while fishing! (The catch…)

Members from other municipality areas must obtain a travel permit. I will need the permit number before I may allow you access to the river.

Obviously, social distance rules apply.

No day permits will be sold. Only members may visit the water.

Please note we will only be allowed to stock once lockdown is over. So only catch and release at the moment,” Werner said.

And, as a special “Please note” from Werner: “You are not allowed to sneeze or cough over the river nor on the fish and please, don’t spit nor urinate in the water!”


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