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Sabie Caltex and Natasché caring for others

Inspired by the Million Mask Campaign, Natasché du Plessis saw a way to be of service to her community during the 21-day lockdown.

When Maxine du Plessis, part of the managerial team at Caltex under the leadership of Goodmore Madombi, said on Wednesday, March 18th, that there are a shortage of face masks to buy and extremely expensive, Natasché offered to sew face masks.

Goodmore agreed to the initiative and after researching the best material to use for the face masks as protection against the COVID-19 virus, the materials were bought. The first batch of 60 masks was made for the Caltex employees and the next batch dark blue face masks, Goodmore and Natasché decided to donate to the Sabie SAPS, as the shortage of face masks caused a real problem.

“Our fight against the Coronavirus is going beyond just our sites as the numbers keep increasing so does our effort. Our management team donated tailor-made face masks and sanitizer to our local police station. A big thank you Natasché Du Plessis from GPS News who took time to sew masks from the material sourced by Sabie Caltex. Together we can beat this. SIYABANGENA 2020,” Goodmore said.

The face masks are fully washable and can be sprayed with a disinfectant before wearing, thus creating a reusable mask.

Natasché said that she hoped others will follow the example and Goodmore replied with the wise words that “Where we lead, others will follow.” His words came true with various Sabie individuals getting on the bandwagon to sew these face masks.

Well done to Natasché du Plessis and Caltex Sabie for caring about the safety of others.

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