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Pastor Mandla Nkosi (Dlamini)

Too often we believe the lies we are told. We believe that we are “no good” and worthless. Jesus says, “Not so. I came to show you that you are more than you think you are.” You are the image of God.

God always sees what men and women only look at. In a manger, God saw a King in a servant, a Savior in a sacrifice, salvation in a crucifixion, a resurrection. In death, God was working at life, in defeat, He was looking at victory. What you or I or your country or my country, looks like is not what God sees. God looks beyond the surface to the potential deep within. That is God’s way of thinking about everything. Beyond the immediate troubles God sees success, and He continues to call it forth until what He sees becomes reality.

When we become concerned about individual lives or the corporate life of our countries, we come up with all kinds of schemes and plans to solve the problem. But the answer is not in a multitude of systems and programs. The answer is right inside of us. It’s our attitudes that make the difference. No one can make you rowdy or careless or thoughtless. You are rowdy, careless and thoughtless because you choose to be. So stop it! Only you can control how you act. You’ve got the potential to be considerate and sensitive.

(Matthew 16: 17-18 CEV) God saw in Peter something that Peter had never seen in himself. Peter was so busy agreeing with what people called him that he missed his true potential. When we start believing what others call us, we are in big trouble. People call us careless or stupid or clumsy, so we become careless or stupid or clumsy. Watch it! What others look at is not important. Who we are depend on what we see.

Many times God is in disagreement with people closest to you. He may even be in disagreement with you because the only person God agrees with is Himself-only. He knows your true potential. Have you failed? Go to God. He’ll call you “success” and keep calling you “success” until you feel it. That’s what Jesus did for Peter.


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