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Our Golden Anniversary Memories

LEFPA’s newsletter, All fired up, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this month. “In June 2015 the first issue of All Fired Up, LEFPA’s monthly newsletter was published; the purpose to communicate both news and key information to members. While many of the articles cover serious issues, we try to balance the informative with news about the people behind the names and job titles; who’s leaving, who’s arrived, things the team leaders and their crew get up to both on and off duty; significant international fire events and firefighting developments along with the odd chuckle or two.

This issue continues to emphasise the critical importance of fuel load management. We know, you know and your staff know but can we ever be too careful and prepared? Australia is receiving plenty of rain yet 6 months on, there are still 60 fires burning. Let’s make sure we have nothing flammable lying around with a Zero Combustible housekeeping policy.”

Planting Challenge – Game On!

The spekboom challenge is still going strong. “Ja, we like a challenge and when the objective is a worthy environmental one, LEFPA is there like a bear! Chairman of the LEFPA Escarpment Ward, Annalize van Wyk, has issued a challenge to all the Wards to get their mitts on and plant as many Portulacaria afra (Spekboom) as they can. This succulent indigenous plant is a hot favourite in South Africa at the moment for its insatiable appetite for carbon dioxide, gobbling up more than 4 tonnes of the gas per year per hectare planted. With the Amazon under pressure from fires and logging, there is no time to lose in finding alternative carbon sponges and this chubby little wonder fits the bill.

Spekboom is easily propagated. Simply cut or break off a piece of a spekboom, let it dry out for a day or two then stick it in the ground. Give it a little water every few days and you’ll soon have a new spekboom plant of your own. Make sure you don’t give it too much water or it will rot.

First out of the challenge starting gate was Sabie Star, and what a pretty picture their spekboom makes. Then we have Maxie Scheepers proudly posing with her cuttings, she’s made a great effort and we look forward to seeing her mini-forest in a few months. Nelspruit Ward owes us a photo of the 20 spekboom they planted in February and the challenge is on, ladies and gents of LEFPA, WoF and all the Wards. Get cutting and planting and show us your efforts.”

Annalize is standing by to receive your photos, please send them in via email to

Information from LEFPA newsletter.

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