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Platinum Retail Winner Caltex Sabie

Siyabangena 2020

Michele du Plessis

“Everything we do emanates from a team of people who are continually encouraged to develop both personally and professionally – our staff are the best thing about us,” Goodmore Madombi, partner and Operations Director, Caltex Sabie said.

“Our businesses, Sabie Caltex and Phalaborwa Caltex, both won the Platinum Caltex Retailer of the Year Award and we also had to share our recipe for success with other business leaders. Awesome achievement for Sabie and Phalaborwa in this difficult economy. We are truly blessed and grateful for all your support.”

The recipe of success that Goodmore had to share was a request from Greg Moldenhauer, General Manager: Sales, Engineering and Property Support. “We would appreciate you sharing your experiences at our conference with a specific focus on a) What your strategy/ approach has been to beat the market / compete in a declining economy; b) What your specific actions and initiatives have been (without spending large amounts of capital);  and c) What makes the difference !” Greg Moldenhauer said.

“We promote inclusivity and take pride in having a culturally diverse team of people who bring their unique spark to the job. We’re firm believers in building lasting relationships through positive interactions with every person that walks through our door – we sell service with a smile. We support local businesses and stand behind charities and initiatives that uplift our town and give back to the community,” Goodmore said.

Caltex Sabie has what it takes to provide for the resident as well as the tourist. “Whether Sabie is your home or just a pit-stop on your journey around our beautiful province; count on us to make your day a little brighter and your tank a little fuller. Fill your tank and your tummy at Caltex Ridgeway or Caltex Super Stop, and you’ll drive away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of warm; our bakery sells the freshest goods around. But if hot buns aren’t your thing, we have a wide variety of delicious home-made meals, snacks, fruits, and veggies to keep you going on your journey,” Goodmore concluded.


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