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Ghost, the elusive community dog

Michele du Plessis

Long, long ago… This is how this lovely story should have begun. Instead, let’s begin the story with “In the little town of Sabie, there lives a Ghost…”

But, this is not just any old ghost; this is about Ghost, the black dog with the white patch that a whole community adopted and care for. No-one knows whence he came from, and no-one knows where he disappears to. Ghost is not homeless as he has many homes that welcome him as he graces them with his presence.

Jackie Breckle, residing in Mt. Anderson, is one of the people that care for Ghost. “He is very elusive and scared of people. He had an injury on his neck at one point and it was shaved and medicated. Maybe he was chained up somewhere and escaped. He sleeps on my neighbour’s porch and she feeds him. She put a blanket out for him, but he took the blanket and ran away with it.

Now there is a carpet wedged down so that he can’t take that away as well. But his food and water are there and he has a place to sleep when it rains. We all help to feed him; he’s our community dog,” Jackie said. In the one photo of Ghost, he is sleeping peacefully on the remnants of a pillow that he helped to “explode”.

The MAST WhatsApp group of Debbie Moller has many messages about Ghost. “I was able to drive right up to the ghost today with my car – I called him and he stood and listened, but when I opened the door, he ran.” “He has been eating by me at 63 Cycad Street…Had food this morning and this afternoon. He is getting closer than before. He is in very good condition.”

“There is a lady in Cycad Street that has kind of adopted Ghost.  She gives him a place to sleep on her veranda and feeds him.  She gave him blankets and water and he jumps her low walls whenever it rains. She closes off her stoep with awnings to keep him dry.  She is a pensioner so if anyone wants to donate her some food you can contact me privately and I’ll give you her details.

She has taken him under her care and is slowly befriending him. I think other residents in Cycad who feed him should rather take her some food so he gets food at one source.  This will stop his wandering and going to different houses.

I am certain she will befriend Ghost quite nicely.  She’s a very sweet lady,” Vaugh wrote.

With all the residents caring for Ghost, there is only one possible ending to this story. “And they all lived happily together…”


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