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“It’s the power of God”

Confidence Nyalunga

According to the information given to the census officials, back in the year 2012 they reported that the census counted 2 797 South Africans over the age of 110 and 15 581 people over the age of 100.

Sinnah Selekane is an elderly lady staying in Simile location in Sabie. She says that she is 105 years of age, but they made a mistake in her identity document by stating she is now 84 years old.

Sinnah was born January 1st, 1936 (according to her wrong id) in Matibidi, Mpumalanga. “I am grateful to God for granting me with so many years of life,” said Sinnah. Every year January she takes four days to fast and pray.

“I respect my birth month and giving thanks to my God because what and who I am today is because of the blood of Jesus,” she said.

When asked how she will feel if they would take her to an old age home, she responded by saying “I am not going, I am happy to be home with my children and grandchildren. If they take me there I will be sick and won’t be able to do what am doing here.”

Maria Khoza (daughter) took her mother to Sabie Hospital recently and she was declared healthy with no high blood pressure or diabetes. Granny Sinnah offers advice to the youth of today by saying: “You must take good care of yourself, and remember God is the provider, the truth and the way of life.”

She eats healthy foods likes vegetables, doesn’t like spicy or salty food and she doesn’t drink any kind of juice and drink enough water.

The granny is a person who believes in the power of prayer, as she takes every Tuesday off as a fasting day until 17:00. “The way to go around life is to teach your soul to live like a plant which is watered day in and day out by its owner, prayer, a thankful heart and attitude, cleanliness and positive thoughts, that’s life,” concluded Sinnah.


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