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Women Disempowered Part 1

By Brilliant

The patriarchal system has successfully convinced women to abandon their sharp common sense, restrain their will and adopt a submissive nature based on fear, greed, manipulation and control.

The architects of this great fallacy refuse to acknowledge that a woman’s rightful place is at the centre of creation. Every person was once a foetus inside a woman’s womb, whether “delivered” through natural birth or C-section; a human being will be formed inside the womb of a woman.

Human conception is similar to every creative process in nature. The womb of a woman is similar to the soil that hides a seed until it’s ready to appear as a living plant. Isn’t ironic that the very same guardians of patriarchy did not appear from thin air, but they were once carried inside their mothers’ bellies, just like all of us.

Various means, such as religion and cultural beliefs, are deliberately and strategically misrepresented to guarantee non-resistance amongst women, to authenticate a sinister ideology which has severely delayed human evolution.

Some, if not all, religious groups have confidently vocalised their view of women being “sinful”, voiceless and irrelevant creatures, to be banished from the face of the earth.

I was raised in a society that celebrated and encouraged gender-based violence.

It was common practice for a man to beat a lover to a pulp in broad daylight- in front of unconcerned onlookers. She’ll be punched, kicked, stomped and dragged around, but nobody will bother to intervene. “Let them solve their problems”, the onlookers will say-mostly women.

The arrogant abuser will receive a hero’s welcome at the local shebeen or pub; other equally abusive pals will fill up the table with drinks, in honour of a “real man”.

On the other hand, the abused woman will run back home to her mother looking for sympathy, instead, she’ll receive a serious tongue lashing for “provoking”, “disrespecting” or “undermining” her husband.

Her mother’s response would not be that of an uncaring parent, but she will be highly convinced that she’s helping her child to build a successful marriage/home. The mother is passing down a legacy of despair, she has wilfully accepted things as they are and expects her abused daughter to “get on” with the programme.

Young boys witness the free abuse of women in the communities and automatically adopt it as a way of life. They are subliminally bestowed with a responsibility to preserve the culture of bullying. They are taught to identify “weak” targets and pounce. Ego is born, gender-based violence becomes the new normal and the rest is history.

Young girls also witness the abuse of their mothers and realise their vulnerability from an early age. They grow up with a strong expectation of becoming victims of abuse. They spend all their youthful years preparing for the day when “it” finally happens.

In Edition 153 Part 2 will be published.

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