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Just a Christmas Prayer

Lord, the symbolism of Christmas is replete with many symbols, all of which point to You. You are the Beginning and the End, the Word made flesh, God in a manger. Help me, Lord, to imitate Your lowliness so that I can serve You well.

Lord, I give You all my imperfections. Give me the grace to be docile to Your spirit, at work in my soul and through others, so that I may do Your Will. Help me to listen when others talk about what You’ve done in their lives. May I open to seeing Your power at work in them.

Lord, You are always ready to guide me. But sometimes I don’t want to go where You lead. Grant me the grace to trust in You and to follow. Often You nudge me, even impel me, into action that seems incredible. If it does not make sense, I baulk or think I’ve not understood Your wishes.

Take away my rough edges, my imperfections, my human preoccupation with myself. Grant me the grace to adore Your Presence in my soul, and then open my eyes to find that Presence in the soul of every other human being. Let me search the manger of flesh until I see within it the Lord of Life.

Everything in life has a purpose, and sometimes an unexpected one. Open my spiritual eyes, Lord, so that I can understand that Your plan is at work in this unusual circumstance, even if I don’t see how.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes fixed on You, the Good Shepherd. You know where You are leading me. My job is to follow and to trust. Give me the graces to do so, my Lord and my God.

Open my spiritual eyes to see Your Presence in every person and situation in my life. Help me to learn the lessons You wish to teach me through the objects I see and use. Grant me the grace to find Your Presence today in the ordinariness of my life.

Lord, this Christmas I ask that you revive in me the Gifts of Your Holy Spirit. Give me great Wisdom, correct Understanding, sure Counsel, fuller Knowledge, fervent Piety, unshakeable Fortitude, and humble me before Your Greatness and Majesty so that Awe of You forms the fabric of my life. I ask these gifts in the Name of Your Gift to us, Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.



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