Well done Bokke

By Brilliant

The Springboks have once again reminded all South Africans that we are a formidable nation, regardless of racial, cultural, religious, tribal or political differences. The team gallantly displayed an unforgettable performance at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, thus securing the well-deserved right to lift the prestigious Webb Ellis trophy as champions of the tournament.

Amabhokobhoko has not only redeemed themselves in the eyes of unforgiving critics but they overcame a long-standing obstacle of shame, after years of trivial efforts on the field of play. The team has brought about unity in the land. It was refreshing to witness a desirable sight of oneness amongst all communities. Joyful vuvuzelas serenaded the entire country (villages, townships, towns and cities), in the hours leading to the final match between South Africa and England, in which South Africa thrashed the English team 32-12.

The Boks helped us to understand that our problems, as South Africans, will only be resolved by working together towards a common goal. Nothing good ever came out of divisions. Our struggles with the economy, crime, poverty and other social ills, will be resolved if only we accept that we are all citizens of this country, we must wrap ourselves with the rainbow nation flag and forge ahead as a courageous unit. We need each other to survive difficult times.

Let us all congratulate the Boks for giving us hope to revive the fading colours on our flag. Let this victory be the fuel needed to drive other national teams, such as Bafana-Bafana, into a realm of greatness. We must stop making excuses and help each other to carry this country on our shoulders. The outcome will be beneficial for all.

Well done Bokke, we are proud of your outstanding achievement!

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