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Anisca Smit, a Rob Ferreira learner, competed in the SANESA (South African National Equestrian Schools Association) National Championship Misty Meadows. Anisca received Mpumalanga colours. She achieved the following:

Best Achiever in highest Levels (Level 6 en 7)

Mpumalanga floating trophy for school with the most points 2-4 riders – Rob Ferreira High School

Bronze medal in Dressage Elementary Medium

Rider of the year for Jumping A and B 1.10m -Oscar

Rider of the year for Jumping A and B 1.20m – Lady

Rider of the year for Dressage Elementary Medium A.

Rider of the year Dressage Elementary Medium B

Rider of the year Working Hunter Level 7 (Jumping 1m)

Rider of the Year Open Equestrian (1.10m Jumping)

Bronze for Jumping 1.10

Silver for Jumping 1.20

Bronze for Dressage A and B and fourth-place team rosette for all the other levels.

“SANESA is a vibrant and dynamic organization, acknowledged by the South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) and SASCOC, and has dedicated itself to promoting all forms of Equestrian sport within South Africa’s schools’ community. The Members of SANESA (Schools) are represented by their Learners. Riders do not need to belong to any other Equestrian Association/Club to participate at any SANESA event.

Each Province in South Africa has SANESA representation and some Provinces are also broken up into Districts. Every Province holds up to 6 SAWMGA competitions in the first 7 months of the year and then the top 4 riders in each level go forward to represent their Province at the annual SANESA National Championships during the September/October holiday.

The most important thing a learner can bring to SANESA is a passion for horses and further, just have fun.” Information from SAWMGA web site.



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