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Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Mandela Day Project

Every year the SCCT undertake a Project to commemorate President Mandela. This year a more ambitious project was accomplished.

Simile is scheduled to be part of upgrades to Urban Housing with several buildings due to be demolished to make space for new housing for families.

This will remove a building currently used by Rosie Mndawe to feed about 56 orphans and children of impoverished families. The SCCT, with assistance from Stanley Nyalungu and the local representative of the Social Welfare Department, identified a building that could be used to move Rosie and her children to. This building required extensive refurbishment. Electrical wiring and the gas fittings required upgrading and relocation to enable Certificates of Compliance to be issued.

All of this has now been completed and it was made possible by the generosity of many local businesses and individuals.

Firstly, mention must go the White River Round Table who donate large amounts of money raised at the Annual Sabie Tube Race to charities and the SCCT.

One aspect that has been very pleasing so see is the co-operation between TCLM and the Project organisers. Many thanks to Stanley Nyalungu as it points to a better future.

Appreciation for a job well done must go to the SCCT Committee Members Joy Comely, Hulley Booth and Christopher Georgiades who worked very hard to initiate and then complete the project.

The official handover function was held on the 1st November and was attended by Sonto Mhlanga of the Department of Social Development, Rejoice Dibakoane manageress of The Chamber Feeding Scheme and Rosie Mndawe who run the Children’s Feeding Scheme.

Christopher Georgiades thanked the contributors for their very generous donations. Alson Zitha then very graciously accepted and spoke of the appreciation that SOFKA the management organisation of The Chamber felt for the SCCT and the people of Sabie for their efforts.

Before snacks were served, courtesy of The Woodsman, Pastor David Mohlala and Rosie Mndawe closed the function with prayers.

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