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Congratulations, from Caltex

Michele du Plessis

Goodmore Madombi, owner and manager of Caltex Sabie, congratulated the Sabie Hospital Pharmacy with their recent accomplishment. The Sabie Hospital Pharmacy has recently been named the best national public institutional pharmacy at the recent South African Pharmacy Council Pioneer Pharmacy Awards 2019 held at Sun City.

As Sabie already knows, Goodmore and his team at Caltex doesn’t do anything with half measure, and the cake that was delivered to the pharmacy by Maxine du Plessis and Brian Malekane was huge. The pharmacy staff was very surprised when they were presented with the cake congratulating them as they were not expecting it.

“We would like to thank Goodmore and his team for the thoughtful and delicious gesture. It was quite a surprise and very much appreciated by our team,” Elmarie Georgiades, Responsible Pharmacist said.

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