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Chantel, Beauty Queen with a Cause

Michele du Plessis

Chantel Maluleka, 17-year old beauty queen and model is a grade 11 learner at Sybrand van Niekerk High School in Sabie. Not only is she driven by the perspective that short people have a disadvantage in the modelling industry, but she is also a young lady with a well-developed social consciousness.

Chantel is a Miss Teen Tourism Globe SA finalist, representing Mpumalanga. “Miss Teen Tourism Globe SA is an international pageant and this is going to be the third annual pageant. The reason why I entered is that I do believe that it is a stepping stone for me to achieve my dreams, goals and vision, which include inspiring my peers or even people above me,” she said. Chantel is also nominated by Thaba Chweu Local Music Awards as Model of the Year. SMS TCLMAS Chantel Maluleka 387 to 33903 to vote for her.

“My modelling journey has honestly not been easy, as modelling takes a lot of confidence. In a society where people have the perception that all models are tall and me being so short, people would normally look at me, wonder about it and also criticize me. With support from family and friends, as well as my determination and drive to achieve my dreams, it has never brought me down. In the 2 years that I’ve started modelling, I was able to achieve 5 queen titles, 1 princess title and 4 top 5 achievements. My recent achievement is being a finalist for Miss Teen Tourism Globe SA.”

The message of Chantel’s campaign is ‘Stop Femicide’. “As I’ve started a campaign similar to the “Am I next?” campaign, which is raising awareness about the killing and raping of our women. The campaign is called ENOUGH FEMICIDE, which was started by me and my friend Lateefah; we were then joined by Khulani and Katherine. I’ve done a photo-shoot about this which I call #stopFemicide to emphasize the aim of the campaign. We made 740 purple ribbons and with the help of Mrs Kinghorn to get permission to let students wear the ribbons, we distributed it at my school. I would love to share this with the whole community,” Chantel said.

Chantel hopes to show the youth that “regardless of whatever challenges that you may face and despite what society has to say about what you do, you can do anything that you put your mind to. With passion and drive, anything is possible.”

Her plans include seeing herself walking down the runway in a Gert-Johan design. “In terms of campaigning, I would like to see myself having a campaign that is nationally recognized and motivates others. Academically, I wish to study accounting as well as for a degree in psychology.”

“I hope to win this competition for the reason that it will be a step closer for me to achieve my dream and I would have achieved my goal. As a titleholder for this pageant, I will share my vision of “awaken the dead souls”. By dead souls, I do not refer to the literal sense but rather I mean all the people who have been silenced by society. I will also work harder and help other local models like me, to achieve what they want to.”

Chantel might be a short and tiny slip of a girl, but she has a huge heart and a lot of soul. People can vote for Chantel Maluleka by liking her picture with her name on Facebook and Instagram on the page Miss Teen Tourism Globe SA.

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