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Songstress settled in Graskop

Petru J Viljoen

Leah Kirrane, originally from California in the United States of America, spent time as a hermit raising poultry in Canada until a cataclysmic event (the sudden death of her then-husband) hurled her through space and time (the internet never sleeps) to sleepy Graskop, where she’s spent the last three years healing, working on her music, her poetry and the rest of her life with now-husband Cameron, daughter Eden (11) and son Dylan (12).

Always musical, always poetic with no way to translate it into sound until she bought herself a guitar for her 30th birthday. Fifteen years later she still uses it. Her first album to be released officially and internationally, on the 21st September at the Bundu Eco Lodge in Nelspruit tells of the ‘’path not taken’’ – a nod to Robert Frost, an equal poet. She describes her music as deep, spiritual, yet sober and light with a fun quality.

Having connected with Peter Salzwedel of Echo Studios in Mbombela (Nelspruit) in April this year, his professionalism and that of the other musicians fast-tracked to the finished album in September. Husband Cameron, with his experience in the film industry, helped to coordinate the process with excellent results. Leah wrote the lyrics and composed the music herself.

Leah and Cameron remind of birds dancing in the sky to the tune of Blue Grass, with an element of folk and a moment or two of jazz. They’ve founded the Omni Foundation, ( aimed at ‘’bringing healing and wholeness to our world by living and sharing and teaching spiritual, sociological, ecological and economic principles of peaceful and regenerative community living.’’ At her music, poetry, her books and background to it all can be found.

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