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But for the grace of God…

“There, but for the grace of God, goes Kalvyn Olivier.” Apt words to describe a man of God who has had such an impact on thousands of people. Touching their lives however briefly, he made miracles happen for the disadvantaged, the poorest of the poor, children women and men. Kalvyn, a humble and gentle soul, prefer to give all the glory to God. “Sabie Miracle Foundation was established through prayer and will carry on relying on God alone. Humbly I served, awaiting God’s miracle,” Kalvyn said.

Sabie Miracle Foundation was established in 2011 and operated under the auspices of the Nelspruit Community Forum/Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation till June 2014 when we decided to register as an independent Non-Profit Organisation (registration no 137-477 NPO), thus acquiring our own identity and independence.

“For 8 years I have had the privilege of involvement with this God’s given organization, not sparing my body, my time, my energy nor my finances… daringly defying deprivation of sponsors’ money and the ever so often complete absence of participation or support. So often we had to bear the brunt of undue criticism, but despite all of that, we managed to survive and deliver, by only the Grace of the Almighty God that took care of us.

The list of miracles that the Miracle Foundation brought about, is impressive, to say the least. MF started with the Harmony Hill Crèches. Then they founded the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre and Training Camp. Glory Hill Primary School, Memezile High School, Simbambisene ECD Centre, Tekatakho Drop-in-Centre, Tiboneleni Primary School, Thanda Primary School, all the Edu-Fix Projects, Eco Gardens established, the Sabie Miracle Market and Harmony Hill Sewer Project: all benefitted from Miracle Foundation Input – all mainly done through and sponsored by three corporate companies namely our own York Timber, Sasol and ROMPCO .

We also maintained a close association with the Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation of which we were part of, Child Welfare SA – White River who granted free of charge office space and internet facilities plus enabled us to conductcomputer training free of charge in the offices as well as a food and clothing bank. We offered counseling services, were involved at Teresa Willis Home of Hope Finances and Sponsorship/s), we conducted a Toy Library for crèches and were involved with Harmony Hill seniors. Miracle Chess with ThatoMathebula as project leader, is sponsoring a tournament on the 21st instant.  All these and many more projects established by SMF or where they were involved in.

“Lately, however, I was really, emphatically struggling with the foundation’s future, especially taking cognizance of my age, the mental fatigue and responsibility that goes hand in hand and then, the sometimes unbearable frustrations of mistrust that one has to deal with, despite that I was the founder of the Foundation and accountable for my deeds and actions, only to God Himself!  Lately, we also had to deal with a hacker that gained access to our emails (actually deleted some important mails).  Regardless of the necessary remedial actions having been taken to safeguard our privacy, the perpetrator is nevertheless endlessly carrying on with such efforts,” Kalvyn said.

“I have decided that both my time and that of the Foundation, has come. I, therefore, recommended to the EC to dissolve SMF.

This I do, without any hesitation, willingly and without remorse. God has blessed me with such moments of joy, fulfillment, serenity and compassion in the past. Then lately He consoled and disclosed to me that: “Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green”. (Psalm 92:14)

I shall obey God’s precious commandment! He has given me the tenacity to carry on, obeying only His commandments and following in His footsteps! I am now completing the Thanda Primary School Project, which will be my last one…. and the last one of the foundation as well. My next venture will be on my own, guided only by God,” Kalvyn concluded.


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