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Response from GRPA

“The Graskop Rate Payers Association, (GRPA), Water Team under Lance Gibson’s guidance, and the GCBT within Gareth Johnson’s role as Service Delivery Representative have assisted in verifying, that due to its ongoing defunctness, the Waste Water System, (WWS), is attributing to the degradation of most, (if not all), water systems originating within and passing through its boundaries.

Partially in line with their complaints to TCLM; tenders were issued, (as per Tender Bid Bulletin Notice 54 of 2019), that are largely unattended, principally because their scope of work cannot address the myriad problems at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, (WWTP). There is debatable evidence of irregular, fruitless and wasteful spending.

Pending a full investigation to vindicate their findings, it might suggest that a previous report by Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, (COGTA), where-in they strongly recommend to replace the Waste Water Treatment Plant, instead of reinstatement of correct operating procedures, might suggest corrupt ineptness within the Body that is supposed to watchdog and prevent these very practices.

Gibson and Johnson admit that they cannot attest to just how long this problem is known to TCLM, although anecdotal evidence from residents suggests it would predate 2014.

According to Johnson, “I brought our initial findings re the WWS to the attention of Graskop Unit Manager, Mr. Kemmy Mashego, on the 28th of February 2019, as well as to COGTA the following day. I spoke to and sent videos to Mr. Amos Ngomane of TCLM’s Green Scorpions on the 9th of March, who informed that he referred me onto the Waste and Sanitation Manager, Mr. Africa Ngomane.”

He adds that “In an unrelated meeting on the 12th of March in Graskop Chambers, I also brought it to Ward Councillor, Mr. Sandile Shongwe’s attention. Africa Ngomane contacted me on the 14th of March, and after fruitless attempts to meet I sent him videos on the 25th of March. To date, there is no formal response.”

Gibson and Johnson concluded that the latest documented follow-up visits to the WWS and the WWTP on the 8th of August, bear to date that practically every litre of wastewater still appears to leak into, or simply to be passed back into the waterways as untreated effluent.

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