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Graskop Roads Shows Progress

Petru Viljoen

Thaba Chweu Municipality is currently painting the roads in Graskop. Last year, only a portion of the roads got painted. The vehicle bringing the workers to Graskop broke down and they’ve returned only recently.

Superintendent Famous Malete realised the road paint supplied by the municipality will not be enough to cover the whole town and to repaint the portion done last year which has already faded. He put out a call to the residents for donations which was answered abundantly in five 20-liter buckets in white paint and two 10-liter buckets of yellow paint with some cash donated towards the endeavour. Labour is still supplied by the municipality. The call for donations was done on Famous’ initiative. He cares about the safety of motorists and for Graskop as a tourist destination.

He said there have been many complaints from residents and tourist companies. Graskop’s image, as a tourist destination, must be enhanced and maintained. Traffic will now be directed better and there will be less chance of accidents. Transgressors of the rules of the road will also no longer have an excuse! ‘’The law is the law’’ he said.

Painting the roads is a time-consuming job. The weather conditions in Graskop affect the drying of the paint. The labourers travel from Lydenburg to Graskop three days a week only. They arrive late and have to leave early, spending only a few hours a day on-site, with only three people working at a time. It’s therefore difficult giving a timeframe when the work will be complete.

The road paint applied will last only six months due to the heavy use of the roads by timber trucks and tourist buses. Without these, the roads would need repainting only once a year. The quality of the paint donated and that supplied by the municipality is the same.

He said the road signs are in bad shape and will need replacing. He’s currently in a discussion with Lydenburg about this.

Famous requested the Graskop community to come forward with any issues they may have.

He thanks Buco, Build-It and caring individuals for the donations.

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