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The Moonwalk

Petru Viljoen

Walking the measure of the full moon. That’s something. Isn’t it? Sure it is.

Motion, space, sight, hearing: everything changes. The senses are heightened. The walkers, led by Grant and Belinda Bosman, a flock of birds, even if earthbound, answering the call of nature alternate, a fortunate reminder of a different perspective. That’s why one does these things, like walking the Jock Trail in the moonlight.

Gathering at moonrise, the 21 fell into a slow, easy rhythm. Following the daytime trail, at night, light of the full moon blazing. The stabled horses snorted some, curious at the spectacle of the people, stamping of a hoof in question.

At the gathering at Graskop Stables, voices already grew muted. It’s a silent business, this measuring of the moon, taking one’s measure, at a time the moon is at full. Grant said: ‘’although the moon had been full on the previous evening (the 16th July) it still appeared to be full to the naked eye. Its luminescence being forecast at 100% for that night. The moonlight illuminates the rock formations in Fairyland quite differently to sunshine and they tend to appear quite magical in this light.’’

The burnt veld: it’s a winter thing. People wrapped up, allowing for freedom of movement; creative balance. It took forethought. Concentration was needed to negotiate the rocky patches while watching the full moon at the same time. Silence reigned. Photo opportunities were made while the back marchers caught up with the group. Taking a rest, watching the moon emit a halo, dots of light as if water sprinkling the distance, colour as silent as the people uttered appreciation.

That’s the moonwalk.

Grant and Belinda Bosman will post again, inviting residents on the journey. Graskop Animals in Need (Gain) benefitted by serving food and wine at the end of the three-hour journey.

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