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Litterbug, you will be named and shamed!

Michele du Plessis

As many Sabie residents know and have reported on various social media platforms, there is an increase in littering and illegal dumping in and around our town. According to the Mpumalanga Government Gazette, you may receive a fine for littering.

The Provincial Gazette Vol. 26 of April 5th, 2019, defines littering and illegal dumping as follows:

“For the purposes of these By-laws, unless the context otherwise indicates –

littering” means any object or matter which is discarded by a person in any place except in an approved receptacle provided for that purpose or at a waste handling facility or waste disposal facility;

Illegal dumping” means the placement of any type of waste on or at any premises, public place or anywhere other than an approved receptacle or a place designated as a waste handling facility or waste disposal facility by the Council.”


  1. (1) A person shall not –

(a) throw, let fall, deposit, or spill or in any way discard, any waste into or onto any public place, farm portion, road, street, vacant stand, stream or watercourse, other than into a refuse container provided for the purpose or onto a solid waste landfill site or transfer station controlled by the Council; and so forth.

You are not allowed to sweep any waste into a gutter or any other public place, no one is allowed to interfere with the cleanliness of a street, public place, vacant stand, stream or watercourse. If you do, you will be committing an offense and liable to a fine.

Illegal Dumping

  1. (1) No person shall, subject to any provisions to the contrary in these By-laws contained, leave any item or allow any under his control to be left at a place, other than a solid waste landfill site or transfer station, with the intention of abandoning it.

A person shall not, whether temporary before collection or removal or for abandoning the waste on or in a public road; a public place; any drain, watercourse, flood-prone areas, tidal or other water in or abutting on any such road, highway, street, lane, public footway or pavement, roadside or other open space to which the public have access; or private or municipal land or property. If you do, you will be committing an offense and liable to a fine.

The By-laws include a description and definition for abandoned material, Liability of the responsible person, Dead animal contaminated food, burning of waste amongst others. In all instances, the responsible person commits an offense and shall be liable to a penalty.

So, in no uncertain terms: If you litter or dump your rubbish next to the road or in the plantations or anywhere else where you are not supposed to, you shall be fined. If you are seen doing this by any of the Sabie residents, you will be named and shamed on social media.

The Provincial Gazette is available for download on the following websites: or

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