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Drug Awareness Exhibits and Presentations

Michele du Plessis

Thaba Chweu Local Municipality hosted a Drug Awareness Exhibition on July 18th at the TCLM offices in Lydenburg.

Lewis Mkansi did the opening and welcoming, where after Mfundo Mkhatswa, the Programme Director announced the proceedings for the 5km fun walk. During the second session, all the stalls and exhibition were visited.

In the third session, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation presentations commenced. Akeso Clinic and Bread of Life Healing Ministry were amongst the presenters. Janine Meyer, Director of PRC Recovery Centre, Sabie and Octavea Mbuyane, Counsellor said in their presentation that “Addiction is a complex disease which affects the functioning of the brain and body through chronic use of substances resulting in an inability to stop the habitual use physically or psychologically. No one plans on becoming addicted. But after experiencing desired effects, a substance use disorder can become apparent as the amount of use starts increasing. Most addicts believe they can control their use.”

Janine Meyer said that PRC Recovery Centre offers the following: “Professional Personalized Treatment, Holistic Recovery Approach; Therapeutic Community Therapy; Group and Family Therapy and Aftercare Services and Support. An intense aftercare plan is developed with the case managers and yourself to help you stay on your road of recovery. You will be provided with information and how these support structures and aftercare services will benefit you in maintaining your sobriety. We urge you to check in with your counsellor regularly as well.” PRC Recovery Centre can be contacted on 081 246 7452 or email or web

The Narcotics Anonymous presentation by Mart carried a message of hope. “We came here today to tell you about the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous: who we are, what we are, and where we are. We are always grateful to have the opportunity to let people know about NA so that no addict seeking recovery need die from addiction.

There are no strings attached to NA. We have no fees or dues, no pledges to sign, no promises to make to anyone. Anyone may join us, regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion or lack of religion. The newcomer is the most important person at any meeting because we can only keep what we have by giving it away,” Mart said. There is an NA meeting in Sabie every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at 3 Raamsaag Street. Contact number is 083 900 6962.

The WeRecover presentation by Juan Hanekom stated that anyone struggling with addiction should be able to find help immediately. “WeRecover matches your unique clinical needs with South Africa’s best rehabs,” Juan said. Further questions can be sent to You can also visit them at

Further presentations, such as Legal, Financial and Health Awareness were presented. Namhla Cwecwe spoke about Employee Health and Wellness and Billy Mthethwa from Sanlam spoke about financial awareness. Mfundo Mkhatshwa closed the proceedings by thanking all contributors to the day.

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