Effective study tips

Michele du Plessis

Students develop their own methods when it comes to studying. The following is study tips that after much scientific research, are ascertained to be effective.

  • Getting rest instead of pulling an all-nighter. Researchers found that losing sleep may impair your performance and you may do worse than you would have done if you have slept.
  • Going over several subjects in one study session helps to retain information better.
  • Studying in a few different locations. Scientists believe that your brain creates associations between the material and your location. If you’re studying in two different rooms, your brain is creating two separate mental associations between the material and the location. That makes it easier to recall what you learn.
  • Doing some light exercise while you review. Doing light aerobic activity while looking at flashcards help you to retain the information better.
  • Taking notes by hand. “A 2014 study found that students who took notes by hand learned and retained more. That’s because you can’t write as much as you can type since manually writing notes is slower, and so you have to distill the information to capture the key points. Doing so activates cognitive processes that are involved in synthesizing information and makes it easier for your brain to retain the information.”
  • Studying in silence. A number of studies have shown that music with lyrics is distracting and interferes with your ability to complete tasks where you’re trying to remember something.

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