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Shake-A-Can for GAIN

Petru Viljoen

Graskop Animals in Need (GAIN), held a Shake-A-Can fundraiser in the two main streets of the business district in Graskop on the 15th June between 10h00 and 12h00.

‘’It’s for the animals!’’ – an imperative from Carla Gibson, Chairperson, calling on volunteers, who dressed up in funky clothing so to attract better attention, simultaneously making it a fun experience for all – and it was!

Many people stoically looked the other way. Many went to the trouble to stop their vehicles, find their purses at the bottom of a handbag or the depths of a pants pocket, counting out the change to put in the can.

A whopping R2000 was raised in two hours! From ten cent pieces to hundred rand notes were counted.

Three female dogs, one in the GAIN shelter and two belonging to disadvantaged families had to be spayed. GAIN approached the families and offered assistance which was gratefully accepted. One female dog already had eight litters, which started the next generation of strays.

Mountain Dew, a dog which was raised in the kennels, was adopted. There are only three dogs left in the kennels, waiting for adoption. Brownie, a sibling of Mountain Dew, needs a special home where he’d be allowed indoors.

There are forty cats in the specially built ‘catios’. An anonymous donor sponsored the materials and building of the kennels and catios. Carla said it’s very difficult having adult cats adopted.

Buco in Hazyview committed to donating dog food. They gave 50kg of dog food and 20kg of cat food. Another anonymous donor donated 180kg of dog food, two months in a row, so GAIN no longer benefitting from being an agent for Montego is no longer a problem.

It’s touching, hearing Carla tell of laying down hot water bottles and covering the animal shelters with blankets to keep the heat in during this very cold winter.

Those who would like to donate to GAIN or adopt an animal can visit the organisation’s Facebook page or phone Carla on 084 551-0134

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