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Maxine du Plessis

On April 30th, Sybrand van Niekerk High School took part in the Lowveld Interhigh Chess championships held at Curro School in Nelspruit. The Interhigh was between the strongest chess playing Schools in the Area.

Nelspruit High School, Penryn College, Uplands College, Bergvlam High School, Rob Ferreira, Lydenburg High School, Curro, Lowveld High School and Sybrand Van Niekerk all entered teams on the day. A team consists of 6 players and a player scores 1 point for a win and ½ point for a draw.

In the end, all six players ‘results are added to determine which team won. Play in a Round Robin tour-nament against each other. Sybrand van Niekerk entered 4 teams in total. The u/15 girls’ team obtained a second place in the girl’s category.

Tanya Machiri and André de Kock both won all 6 their matches and won the board- prize for the day.

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