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Do events benefit the people or not?

Anon E. Mouse

There is this belief in our town that the events organised does not benefit the people. How ignorant is that? But, nevertheless, let us test this belief…

I can quite honestly say: pick an event, any event hosted in Sabie. That shouldn’t be too hard as there are numerous events that take place during the year. Please note, I am not including public holidays, the government declared public holidays, and days such as “I am a victim, please support me”.

The Tube Race is a wonderful example. What happens before the tube race, during the tube race and after the tube race? No, it is not nothing. Before the tube race, the campsite at Castle Rock must be cleaned, the river must be cleaned and the streets must be sort off cleaned. Cleaning doesn’t happen by itself. Someone must do this. This is called job creation. Accommodation, such as guest houses, hotels, lodges, etc. hire extra cleaners, waiters, gardeners; also job creation.

Businesses buy more stock, such as groceries, meat and liquor. That means they plan to sell more. If that happens, it means that they can afford to increase salaries, give more bonuses and so forth. In short, the people that flock to Sabie because of an event organised by a few people benefit the whole community. During the event, security staff works overtime, restaurant staff work longer hours and earn more tips because people are in high spirits and give more freely. Even the bloody beggars in the street earn more because of the chilled vibe doing the rounds.

Car guards earn more because there is a higher volume of vehicles arriving and departing. The vegetable and curio sellers sell more vegetables, fruit and curios which benefit them and their families. After the tube race, charities in Sabie receive donations. These donations, such as given to Ubuntu Community Centre, benefit the vulnerable –children, women and the aged – in our society. The gogo’s receive a meal a day, children benefit from the day care and a meal they receive. In many cases is that meal the only one for the day. That is just an example of the benefits that one event brings to this town.

Yes, some events generate a lot of noise. Some events generate a lot of dust, like the annual rally. Some events cause roads to be closed and that can be quite frustrating. But one thing is absolutely clear: all these events generate income and it benefits the whole community. Not just one or two individuals; a whole community.

But, to grasp this concept, you need to think outside of the box. It might be difficult, I know. So, your belief that events don’t benefit the community is not valid. In future, please try to think outside of the box.


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