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Christian Family Church Easterfest

Maxine du Plessis

On April 21st, Christian Family Church held an Easterfest. The Easterfest was organized by the Christian Family Church Sabie and Revival Christian Church Nelspruit as a community event in celebration of Christ’s resurrection. The day was all about miracles and celebration. The purpose of the Easterfest was to share a meal, as they did in the early church, worshipping God together with the people that He loves so much.

The yearly celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is the oldest feast of the Christian Church, and the resurrection has been a central belief of the Christian faith from its beginning. Of course, every Sunday’s worship is a celebration of the risen Lord, but a special day for the resurrection has been part of the life of the church from its early days.

On Thursday before Easter, more than two billion Christians worldwide observe the Eucharist, a special ritual that commemorates the Last Supper – a meal hosted by Jesus Christ for his friends 2,000 years ago, the night before he was arrested and crucified. During the meal, according to the Gospels, Christ said to his gathered disciples, that – like the bread is broken and wine poured out – his body would be broken and his blood poured out for the sake of his people. Jesus invited his followers to enact this meal whenever they gathered to remember his sacrifice. This early Christian practice assumed importance and has come to symbolise the core message of Christianity – that Christ sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity.

During the Easterfest, a Candy hunt was hosted for the kids. During this Candy hunt, the kids had to look for flags which they could then trade in for their Easter eggs. A bouncy house was also available for the kids as entertainment and a photo booth was put up to capture special moments.  A Chilli Con Carne competition was also held. “It was great fun. Our judges were such sports and the music was beautiful,” said Ps Karen Wessels. The Christian Family Church of Sabie wishes to thank their CFC team as well as the RCC Nelspruit team. “Without them, we would not have been able to host the Easterfest. We want to take this time to give all the glory to God for all the miracles, deliverance, salvation and celebration that took place during #EasterFest2k19. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this community event. Thank you for being part of the vision God has placed over this ministry. This was our first Easter-fest but not the last. We are already planning next year’s Easterfest. It is going to be bigger and better. ” Said Ps Karen Wessels.

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