Tounge and Cheek

Tongue in cheek

Anon. E Mouse

I have been following the Facebook posts about the hospital closely. I read and reread the comments, marvelling at the vituperous comments and personal attacks. Why are people attacking each other instead of attacking the problems together that make life miserable for all Sabie residents? And please note: I include all the colours of this Rainbow Nation.

Unfortunately, people get carried away and then things turn ugly. It is a case of you called me a what-not and I quote: “…you are delusional, fantasizing, short-sightedness (sic), a retard, dig (sic) head, chicken head, twat and a third rate…” and “It is explicit that you have a serious mental problem, you just go around picking up vulnerable individuals for your indirect debate, just to prove your point…” Then this: “Lack of understanding or analysing is the source of the problem, with regard to the race card, however you are once again absolutely right. For clarity racial discrimination needs one to think outside the box for example at Sabie Hospital there are white doctors (the cornerstone of OPD) etc. etc. and so forth.

Everybody has the right to an opinion. And the right to voice your opinion. But do you have the right to attack a person that you do not know, on Facebook, and to make the attack personal by calling each other names? I think not. We are supposed to be civilized. We are supposed to be tolerant. We are supposed to be able to think outside the bloody box, but we don’t. If we cannot even do this tolerate thingy, how are we supposed to sort out our problems in a civilized manner? But no, the caveman/person/women that are still lurking inside of us all – Please note, all colours are included, once again – springs to attention the moment our precious little opinions are debated and not agreed with. What we believe is set in stone; just like Excalibur. Man, we desperately need a Merlin…

And then? Then we bash each other over the head with T Rex Thigh bones and start name calling. How very civilized! {Please note: the last comment meant as sarcasm.} Is this what we want to teach our children and grandchildren? Do we spread disrespect, intolerance and racial discrimination because we think it is our right to do that?

Are we calling ourselves educated and civilized people? I really think that if that is the case, we need to reinvent that particular wheel and start all over… But let us skip the Dark Ages; Eskom might just get ideas.

Note: Sic is a Latin term meaning “thus.” It does not mean what you said/wrote is sick. (Even though this is applicable in some instances…) It is used to indicate that something incorrectly written is intentionally being left as it was in the original. Sic is usually italicized and always surrounded by brackets to indicate that it was not part of the original.

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