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I Object! … Now what?

Michele du Plessis

The Valuation roll was published and property owners had until April 5th to lodge objections against Thaba Chweu Municipality with regard to the property valuations.

If you believe the municipal valuer has over-valued your property, you should have lodged an objection and if justified, the value will be amended. If an objection was not lodged during the advertised objection period there is little prospect of having the municipal valuation amended, barring special circumstances.

“Rates are levied in accordance with the Act as an amount in the rand based on the market value of all rateable property contained in the municipality’s valuation roll and supplementary valuation roll. As allowed for in the Act, the municipality has chosen to differentiate between various categories of property and categories of owners of the property as contemplated in clause 8 and 9 of this policy. Some categories of property and categories of owners are granted relief from rates as contemplated in clause 12 to 14 of this policy. The municipality, however, does not grant relief in respect of payments for rates to any category of owners or properties, or to owners of properties on an individual basis. The rates policy for the municipality is based on the following principles: Equity, Affordability, Poverty alleviation, Sustainability.” TCLM Integrated Development Plan 2017 – 2022

Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act (Section 51): Processing of objections:

The objections received by the public are checked, captured on the City’s system and objection numbers are automatically allocated. A confirmation letter is produced and serves as proof that the objector submitted an objection against a specific entry. The municipal valuer must consider the objections and make a decision in terms of Section 51 and adjust the Valuation Roll. The number of objections and its complexity will determine the time frames.

Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act (Section 52): Compulsory review of decisions of the municipal valuer:

In the event that the Municipal Valuer adjusts the value by more than 10% upwards or downwards the objection will be submitted to the Valuation Appeal Board for a compulsory review. The appeal board must review the decision and confirm, revoke or amend the decision. When the appeal board amends or revokes the value, the chairperson and the valuer must ensure that the valuation roll is adjusted in accordance with the decisions taken by the appeal board. Any adjustments or additions made to General Valuation Roll in terms of the above must take effect on the effective date of the General Valuation Roll. Any adjustment in the valuation of the property that affects the rates payable, the value on the account must be adjusted accordingly.

Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act (Section 53): Notification of the outcome of objection:

The Municipal Valuer must in writing, inform the objector what the Valuers’ decision is and whether Section 52 applies (change by more than 10%). The objector and owner will be notified of the Municipal Valuers’ decision. The objector may apply in writing for written reasons of the Municipal Valuer’s decision. Written reasons must be applied for within 30 days after the date of the notification at a fee as proclaimed in the Local Government Gazette, such fee must be paid in advance. The Municipal Valuer must provide written reasons within 30 days of application. If the client is still not happy, an appeal must be lodged within 21 days of receiving the reasons.

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