Tounge and Cheek

Tongue in cheek

Anon E. Mouse

Gareth van Zyl, an author at, said in 2017 that the South African economy is becoming less and less prosperous.

John Maynard is the nom de plume of an independent economist who is obsessed with official statistics. In an article featured on Biznews, the following was stated: “Budget deficit is ballooning thanks to lacklustre economic growth which is hampering tax revenue collections, bailing out failing State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) such as SAA, ESKOM, SANRAL and large scale corruption in which money is funnelled to line cronies pockets instead of it being spent effectively and efficiently to deliver goods and services to the people of South Africa. South Africa is busy being looted on all fronts, and state capture has gotten hold of the National Treasury now, which will negatively affect South Africa’s ability to make any sort of economic progress in future.”

So, it seems that the economic prosperity of South Africa is being reversed. To me, it seems that it is devolution – reverse evolution. We might be heading straight back to primitivism. Yes, primitivism is an art term, but isn’t staying alive in this sunny, rainbow-hued country an art in itself?

With all this thinking about digressing back to paraffin lamps or candles, coal stoves (divine in winter, hell in summer) getting water from a well or heaven forbid! the river, I stumbled upon an article on the web. This clarified the whole problem to me and I just had to share it. (Yes, I am spending many hours on the web, reading as much as possible. As soon as the total blackout hits us, we’ll all become illiterate and obstinate.) We shall regress to the original hunter-gatherers of yore. Hopefully, one or other Titan gift us some fire…

But, to get back to the original thought: devolution. All of this is most probably the fault of geomagnetic pole reversal that is in progress. Jessica Hall said: “The Earth’s magnetic field is so discombobulated over South Africa that some scientists believe we’re seeing the opening strains of a planet-wide polarity change. We already knew that the poles of the Earth’s magnetic field sometimes reverse, which is to say their direction flips from herding particles into shooing them out or vice versa.” And so forth.

As for my reasoning… For millennia the human race, as it progressed in all fields, kept the firm belief that we are influenced by the movement of the planets. It is a well-known fact that the dosage of medication in lunatic asylums are doubled because with a full moon the orderlies and nursing staff literally have their hands full.

So, if the planets can influence us, how much more then must the reversal of the magnetic poles have an effect on us? Just saying, you know…




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