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Maxine du Plessis

Woodlands Preparatory School hosted its quarterly Bingo evening on March 15th at the Sabie Country Club. The theme was ‘Back to school – ‘it’s a blast from the past’. The hall was cheerfully decorated with each table having their own ‘back to school’ decoration. The evening included as many Bingo rounds as possible, a best-dressed winner, a lucky draw and other fun games.

Chiquita Goss and her team worked hard at arranging the Bingo evening but unfortunately, load-shedding got the better of the evening. “Woodlands Preparatory School rely heavily on fundraising for we are an independent private school. Our Bingo evenings are a small part of our fundraising, but more of our way to give back to the community by giving them a fun night out. Our Bingo evenings are for the young and old and has been a good success throughout the years. We usually have an average of 30+ participants, but the load-shedding caught everyone off guard and only 10 people attended. Our people that booked did not show up, as no one knew if the Country Club would have electricity and no one wants to leave their houses in the dark. This is the fourth Bingo evening that I’m a part of and this is the first time that something like this has happened,” Chiquita Goss, chairperson of Woodlands’ fundraising committee said.

Woodlands Preparatory School will be hosting a Sabie Adventure Drive on April 27th and their next Bingo evening in June.



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