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V.I.P Grooming Parlour – Fluffed & Fabulous Very Important Pets, Always…

Maxine du Plessis

Do you want the Very Important Pet in your life to be pampered, groomed, and clipped and overall looking good? Is it very difficult to get Fluffy, a fully grown Great Dane into the bathtub without you ending up head first in the bath? Struggle no more, because the very caring and professional ladies at V.I.P Grooming Parlour will gladly assist with grooming your pet.

Many historians agree that dogs were domesticated before any other animals, making dog man’s oldest friend, if not his best. Furry friends are for life and form a very important part of your family. With the new V.I.P Grooming Parlour that recently opened in Sabie, everybody can have their fur kids treated to the best grooming.

When Michelle Viegas’ husband died two years ago, she and her two daughters, Clair and Chanté were looking for a fresh new start. So they sold their house, moved to Sabie, analysed the wants and needs of the residents and came up with the brilliant idea of the V.I.P Grooming Parlour. Michelle Viegas, owner and manager of V.I.P Grooming Parlour, comes from Alberton, where she resided in the same house for 36 years. Clair Viegas is a qualified hairdresser and doggy groomer and she completed her training as a doggy groomer at Fluffs and Tuffs in Bryanston, Gauteng. Chanté is doing the admin and books for V.I.P Grooming Parlour.

Michelle, who have seen the pretty as well as the ugly in people, says that everybody in Sabie has been very helpful and friendly. She says that it has been a very difficult time for them with regards to the moving, but is grateful for the opportunity. Upon opening, V.I.P Grooming Parlour already had their first week fully booked.

V.I.P Grooming Parlour offers different services ranging from grooming, washing, dental care, tick and flea, nail clipping and deworming (liquid deworming done at the shop only). Having your pet groomed on a regular basis improves your pet’s condition. Having your pet brushed regularly aerates their coat and is excellent for blood circulation, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Grooming helps long-haired pets to prevent mats, which can be painful and difficult to remove. It’s a good idea to have your cat groomed regularly to remove hairballs. Having your pets groomed regularly will help them with their hygiene to prevent nasty infections. It is advised that pets receive a thorough groom once a month, especially long-haired pets.

“I want to put emphasis on the fact that we are not a vet or pet shop but stock basic necessities for pets and grooming services. Customers are welcome to visit V.I.P Grooming Parlour and speak to one of us with regards to suggestions or enquiring about necessities that we might not currently stock. V.I.P Grooming Parlour work by appointment to make sure that animals do not stay caged all day,” Michelle said.

They also stock different necessities ranging from basic medicine, shampoo, conditioner detangling shampoo, perfume, canine and feline food, pet treats, bird seed, toys, bedding, feeders, leashes and many more pet accessories.

For all your fur kid’s eats, treats or accessories, please feel free to visit V.I.P Grooming Parlour situated in Unit 4, Department of Labour Centre on 10th Avenue. To book an appointment at V.I.P Grooming Parlour, please call 0662340784 or 0662536390. Trading hours: Tuesday – Friday 08:00 to 16:00, Saturdays 08:00 to 12:00. Closed on Monday, Sunday and public holidays.

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