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Narcotics Anonymous offers free support to anyone with a drug problem

Anyone who feels they want to stop using drugs may join NA, regardless of which drug was used. There are no fees or dues to join charges to joining NA or attending NA meetings. The success of NA is the value of addicts working together with other addicts. The way NA works is members sharing their successes and challenges in overcoming active addiction and living drug free, productive lives.

Narcotics Anonymous started in the 1980’s in South Africa and a handful of meetings were running, today NA has 303 meetings running every week across South Africa. These are support meetings for persons who feel they have a drug problem and want to stop using drugs.

In NA we have a program that guides recovery, these are the 12 steps and 12 traditions. These offer us proven guidelines that have helped millions of others across the world. NA stared in 1953, today NA has over 61 000 weekly meetings in 129 countries across world. Narcotics Anonymous offers a sustainable solution to recovery.

What to expect if you are new to NA?

If you’re an addict or think you might have a drug problem, we suggest a meeting every day for at least ninety days to get to know NA members and our program.  In your first meeting, we ask who is new this is to welcome you in and to provide you with pamphlets.

The journey of recovery begins with abstinence from all drugs, including alcohol. Sometimes people come to NA meetings while still using drugs, detoxing from drugs, or on drug replacement therapy. Regardless of what you may be taking when you first come to NA, you are welcome.

Newcomers are usually welcomed with a handshake or hug and a welcome keytag. In most places, it is customary for members to gather in a circle to end the meeting with a short prayer or NA reading. Though you may hear prayers in meetings, ours is a spiritual, not religious program.

About NA

Narcotics Anonymous itself is a non-religious program of recovery; each member through the 12 steps are introduced to some spiritual principles and apply these principles to everyday life.

Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with other organizations, including other twelve step programs, treatment centres, or correctional facilities. NA does not employ professional counsellors or therapists nor does it provide residential facilities or clinics. Additionally, the fellowship does not offer vocational, legal, financial, psychiatric, or medical services. Meetings are often held in churches, treatment centres, or other facilities, because these places tend to be affordable, available, or convenient. NA is not a part of or connected to any other group, organisation, or institution

Narcotics Anonymous is entirely self-supporting and does not accept financial contributions from non-members. All donations are entirely voluntary and given by members that are able to contribute. Based on the same principle, groups and service committees are administered by NA members, for members.

NA’s primary purpose is in providing a recovery environment in their meetings, whereby drug addicts can share their recovery experiences with one another.

Should you require more information please visit our website on or call our helpline to find the closest meeting to you on 083 900 6962

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